Our Automotive division develops, manufactures, distributes and exports only premium grade environmentally safe industrial chemical products.

Complete Chemical Manufacturing’s technical team have developed a quality endorsed range of industrial detergents, degreasers and anti-oxidising products specifically designed for the Automotive and Industrial sectors.

Complete Chemical Manufacturing’s R&D Division has developed a number of specialized products for the industrial maintenance sector, Foam concentrates, Protective Coatings, Rust Killers, degreasers, additives and a range of industrial strength cleaning chemicals. Our expertise, dedication and quality assurance standards have allowed us to serve and grow in this very competitive market; Food production, Manufacturing, Railways, Steel plants, Textiles and Automotive Industries.

Complete Chemical Manufacturing has a dedicated Automotive and Industrial division, supported by fully equipped quality control laboratories, production filling lines and highly experienced personnel to run the operations. Our CCM Automotive and Industrial division also offers consultancy services in the field of functional chemical and CIP cleaning processes for the Dairy Industry, Beverage & Brewery Industries, Meat Processing, Poultry Industry, Slaughter Industry and Food Processing Industry etc.

CIP (Clean In Place) Industrial Cleaning

Automotive and Industrial Division